Thursday, May 3, 2012

Into the world

So a big thanks to Aunaka for giving me a chance and something to strive for. They have given me the opportunity to write a guest post on their blog. Now, I agonized over what to write about while rafing with my husband and later while attempting heroic Ultra with my guild.  It may have been the reason my mind was gone and caused me to attempt to tank it twice in my resto gear before I noticed. I got countless suggestions from friends on what to write about and as my anxiety over it grew I had a epiphany. You'll have to wait for the post to come out to find out what it was though. I guarantee it will be worth the read and just might strike home with some of you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

While rafing with my husband last night I had a brilliant idea born out of boredom.

                                Play in first person mode with my ui turned off.
                                                      It was pretty trippy for me.

 In the beginning flags were carried, defended, returned, danced on and lost.  This was what Ivy was born into. Much has changed since those first thrilling times together. Even as a druid her forms have changed many times. Her goals and past times have changed. She is no longer the alliance slaying cloven hoofed beauty she once was.

Today, she is a proud, sleek worgen. She morphed into a raider, a healer then a tank.  Her raiding guild died out and she moved to more relaxed pastures, her brother Rauk surpassing her in the raiding world.

Right now she flirts with LFR and the weekly alt run as a kitty.  Farms random things when bored or plays the auction house as her alter ego which at the moment will remain nameless.  In MoP Ivy will again rise to her former front line status and taking hits to the face will be her priority again.

This is a new beginning for her and for me so let's take that first ginger step forward.

Hello and Salutations everyone. My name is Ivy4Life and you are now stepping into my world.  I'm a military wife living in Japan at the moment with a husband who has the incredible job of working on F16 engines.  I have lot's of time on my hands so I thought between my raiding, playing the auction house and wifely duties, why not start a blog?  Share my adventures in game and in real life. This is just my introduction. Future posts will be information to help YOU play the AH like me, introduce you to the slew of alts I have and possibly show off mogs I have created.   In the future I may offer my help in creating sets to give me something extra to do.    As I figure out exactly how to use what is available here to me, more options for readers will open up. You can also follow me on Twitter. Stay tuned and I promise to fill your day with information, humor and maybe a few extra gold in your pocket.