Sunday, November 25, 2012

Into the Streaming World.

Yes. I have taken the leap. The very..scary...leap.

I am now a twitch streamer.

I got my PC up, found my camera and have set everything up.

I'm still figuring set up though. Like how to put music on stream through youtube. I would play from Itunes but I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to do that.

I'll be streaming random wow happenings, maybe some RaiderZ (f2p game that is actually pretty fun) and who knows what else.

I've already dealt with my fair share of trolls but their easy to ignore.

There are some issues with my computer though. After my husband took it apart, cleaned it, added a new graphics card and updated everything to 64 bit it likes to crash. Not only windows ( which is rarer then the other crashes) but sometimes wow will crash or Xsplit. Even without streaming wow and the computer will crash at least 3 times in 4 hours. It's a problem that is being addressed plus there are plans for the building of what will be the beastiest computer I have ever owned.

This will take awhile though, so I just ask if you start following the stream please bear with me through the hiccups.

When I find my missing wish list for the computer I'll post it but for now....HUSBAND AGGRO!

Ivy4life! <stream here

Warning-contents may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


-I have none. In the works however is a actual post. I promise you this

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Drama and Love.

First, real life stuff then on to todays post.

Still struggling to get the house together after TMO bombarded us with stuffz.


It's slowly, very slowly coming together though. My favorite desk is set up with both my mac and my pc. ( I'm hoping to have a friend actually build me one that meets some specific criteria. "I want to run wow on ultra settings like a boss AND raid." ) I will be testing it in a bit tonight with wow and Raiderz to see how it does at the moment. The funny thing is, my mac is a 25" screen and completely dwarfs the poor little 15" pc monitor. It really is a sight. Maybe I'll take a pic later and post it for the lawls.

The pc is ABSOLUTELY nothing special. Husband bought it and the desk for $300 JUST so I could try starwars. lol. It has a new motherboard though. That's good right?  *knows nothing really about computers*


Who else has a cat that does this?
Creeps me all out.
Anyway, on to wow.
I nearly left my horde guild.
Yes. My perfect guild.
Some major personality clashes erupted from vaults. I felt personally attacked though others think otherwise.
There had been a few other problems as well but the first three raid days sealed it for me. My husband had made it clear that one more time of him coming home to find me in tears over someone in a video game he was going to gquit me himself. Well that last day he caught me again and I had to physically fight him away from the computer. I loved this guild and I didn't want to leave it, yet I felt I couldn't take what I had been taking any longer. Nothing in the game was really fun for me and only a handful of people in guild could make me smile. Raids certainly weren't any fun. At all.
I sent a letter to my guild leader telling her about the situation and giving her my apologies for being yet another flaker. 
She rushed online. Her and a few others talked me out of my emotional decision.
My leader bent over backwards to make me stay and make sure I was happy.
I was at a loss for words.
I was still crying heavily from the turmoil and also from how loved I felt by my guild.
My husband said "One person can ruin the whole", but those few made me feel more love from people I barely know then I could have imagined.
The person in question however has me confused.
We USED to be on real id, we USED to chat and make each other laugh outside of raids. Not anymore.
I realized a little while after the incident after we had a talk about how we were still cool with each other that he had taken me off real id and was generally ignoring/avoiding me.
Well, if that's how its going to be *shrug* then so be it. I'm actually amazing happy to pretend he doesn't exist. I don't have time to deal with that kind of stuff anyhow. There are too many smiles/laughs/perverted moments to be shared with those I love and trust in this guild. Those super close to me have my real id for 'just in case' along with YOU HAVE TO MANY TOONS syndrome. (cept one but I keep forgetting to ask. -_-  lazyitis)
Anyway, to make me feel at home and take away my stress I have been placed on a different raid team as a *le gasp* healer instead of a tank. I'm perfectly fine with this. Healing is fun and it's where I began in wow.
I'm back to my resto druid roots.
I love the unity that healers can have and yet still be competitive.
I frequently find myself having to be the one to "herd" them though.
I don't mind handing out assignments or trying to plan things though. I like puzzles so trying to work out things here and there is no big deal.
Plus, back in the day I found myself as heal lead for Naxx. 25 man. *looks back and sighs*  Good times. Just two friends and a bunch of recurring pugs every week.  Downing what our own guilds on 10 man were failing at. That and my roots are stories for a different day though.
I'm going to give a shout out to the Wolf Pack of Llane and their amazing and hardworking guild leader, KittyKat.
Many of you are like my best friends and I can come to you for anything. Others I'm on my way to getting closer to. Thanks to those who are able to comfort me when I need it, make me smile when I frown and cause me to die of laughter when I least expect it. You're all the best!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The unveiling

And here as promised I bring you.......


FIRST.....the line art.


SECOND...the finished project.

I have to admit... 

I think my husbands rogue looks damn sexy in this picture, but DOWN WITH THE ALLIANCE!



It's the little things....

....that make you want to rip your hair out.

So pretty much a non wow post so BE WARNED!

Our TMO came in today.


I should have felt like this.....

BUT INSTEAD....I felt like this.

Happy rainbow version for people with weak stomachs.

It should be a happy time, but because I'm me feeling bad for..get this... making them do their job, I opted to unpack everything myself. Also because I felt if they did it I would be lost in my own house and not know where a single thing was.

ANYWHO, they left and know my husband and I are swimming in what seems to be the hell of unending boxes.

Save me. Save me now. 

Plus there is stuff that I know is here somewhere that I want so bad.

For instance. The keyboard for my IMac. (It was the first thing I eyed up coming off the truck. Couldn't not use it.) Here I am making tons of noise and fumbling on this pc keyboard and I know my lovely true keyboard is somewhere.... mocking me.

Times infinity
Add that to the swarp of eternal boxes, the fact that we're eating cereal till pay day, personal issues within guild and the stress of OMG GET TO 90 NOW and... yea. i can't post enough pictures of my blowing my rainbow brains out. *sigh*

Well, back to the boxes.

pss- when I'm all done with this hell I'll get on my laptop and post the picture I was promising. It's coming. I swear!

Friday, September 21, 2012

New upcoming picture!

There's been a continuous thread running around the general forums for pictures of characters.

Well, I asked a talented certain person,    Katondra , to draw me one of my husband and I fighting.

My husband plays a alliance worgen rogue. HISSSSSSS!  

So far.. the tidbit of editing he fed me only made me hungrier to see it done. Keep in mine this is only pieces of the photo as a teaser, not the actual complete picture.

*quivers* I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!

Stay tuned for the final unveiling!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little bit o'update, a little bit of rage and a little bit o'rambling.

Things everywhere and everything is just pressure, pressure, pressure and just seem out of control.
I did a naughty thing that didn't help matters either. I ran out of meds and just... didn't get any more.


I don't really know or understand why I didn't either. My brain always came up with some invisable excuse not to. I got way over stressed and was horribly irritable. (Though I swear my anxiety meds to jack.)  How my husband put up with me I have no idea, but I love him for it.  I handed over the reins of finance and everything else to my husband because I just couldn't take it anymore. 

He fails at it.
(I was looking for a demotivation pic that reads 1 + 1 = DERP to tease him but i failed and couldn't be asked to make one myself)

Somehow I regained my sense and went to the pharmacy to get my meds. Two weeks back on track now after a month and a half off. ROLLER COASTER ZONE that was.

Anywho, I'm good now and we are in the middle of moving into a new house on base. Most of our bill problems will now go away and we will be able to relax and having breathing room.  Our bills are halved. *Thanks the deity who's existence she doubts* <if you get that reference +100 internets to you.


So I called our landlord peoples and gave them the 30 day notice they asked for when we signed the lease. We're mid move and my husband decides we should go in and talk to them. They NOW say it had to be in writing. Keep in mind this is the first time either of us have EVER had our own house off base. We were very naive. They never mentioned to me on the phone either that it had to be in writing, otherwise I would have been in their office that day.  Since it wasn't in writing guess who has to pay ANOTHER months rent for a house we're not even going to be in.  That already had me riled up.
NEXT they gave us a list of everything that needed to be cleaned before we're out and how much they will charge if it's not done/not to their standards. Pissing me off some more. THEN she told us the carpets had to be professionally cleaned. My husband had already cleaned the carpets himself and he USED to be a professional at it. They didn't need it but by god did they look better then when we got there. But no, we still have to pay a company or the agent people to get it done. By this time I'm red hot with anger but I sat there and let him take the beating. I should have opened my mouth, I should have turned off the switch to my filter, I should have caused a scene in front of the other residents, but I kept it quiet for the sake of my husband and his job. Boy did I chain smoke and rage in the car though as he stayed quiet before finally laughing at me and angering me more. He loves to troll me and push buttons.
You're right if you think I didn't let it go. I did the only sad pathetic thing I could do. Post on the base facebook. BUYER BEWARE!

So not only this, but our internet at our new house is shoddy, having many a technical issue with our electronics and a run around with blizzard I'm not going to go into because they FINALLY helped me. After two days and 4 hours worth of time on the phone.

Now that's out of my system. Lets chat about mop.

I got one of my druids to 90 and toyed around on Beta and yes, I leveled guardian.

Many people would scoff at this. Some tried it and hated it. I loved it though. It wasn't terribly slow and I completely enjoyed being able to round up a bunch of mops and cackle at them as they tickled me. 

Dependent on what quest it was, it was also nice to be able to stealth passed everything just to pop out as bear and go OH HAI to whatever boss I had to fight. Yes that tickled me.

Plus when quest boredom snuck up (which it does often for me. I HATE questing.) I could just q up for a dungeon and rock it out.

And personally I think the new dungeons are awesome fun. Except for the damn barrels breaking my shapeshift. ';..;' 

I WAS working on my plan for my gearing strat for pre heroics and pre raid but my computer decided it didn't like it and I lost everything.  Frustrated and demotivated I won't be working on it again. I'm just going to wing it. THATS RIGHT FLYING FREE BABY!

Since I've gotten everything out of my system and don't feel like such a loser with no new posts anymore I'll be on my way.

(side thought. one day I'll explain why my blog is called kaw kaw get in the bag. heads up, it's a inside joke with a best friend)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Be Pro In Low Level Dungeons And Beyond.

Leveling. Some love it, some hate it. I HATE leveling right now but that's partially due to the fact that I've been through the zones 17+ times.  Don't ask me why. Maybe I'm a masochist and I'm a glutton for punishment. Whatever the case I'm leveling yet another character with a friend.
Meet Ivybubble, the tauren pally.

We're doing a little mix of questing and dungeons. He's trying to freshen my experience up a bit by taking me new places I haven't been and quests I haven't done during my days of OMG I HAVE TO GET TO 85! ( The quest line where your the quest giver is amazing by the way. If you haven't done it, DO IT)

Now during our short period of leveling so far I have noticed some things in dungeons.

Things that bother me.


I'm too big of a pansy to say something though in fear of being ganged up on for being "that elitist jerk". No matter how nice I put it, if I try to help it will blow up in my face. So I'll just post a nice little tip section/ guide here on how to be pro in low level dungeons and beyond.

First of all, Tanks:

For the love of god do NOT let things hit you in the back. Sure you have a shield but how are you supposed to block an attack from behind like that? Seriously

While we're talking about the inability to block. Paladins, you cannot block while casting. Stop hard casting exorcism while actively tanking something.  Just stop it.

Next, tab target is your friend, especially at low levels before you get a aoe attack.

Example, Bears.

Step one. Run up

Step two. Hit something with your mangle. Now tab.

Step three. Hit another with maul rage, god willing, permitting.

Rinse repeat and pray to magically get swipe.

If your dps aren't none caring jerks or haven't read this no one should pull aggro.

Speaking of dps, it's your turn.

Please please please, don't pull for the tank.  Sure the heirloomed kids can handle just about anything but that guy in quest gear and that healer in some greys yet can't. Plus some people may just now ( I know shocker here guys) are learning how to tank /heal. Don't put extra pressure on them they may not be able to handle.

The tank is the first line of defense for you and your healer. YOU are the second.  Yes that's right. You can defend yourself. Several classes have different abilities that make them able to slow or trap a enemy or even drop aggro completely. ( Be careful with the last one. When dropping aggro you might set your healer up as the next snack.)

Mages have frost nova that roots enemies in place.

Hunters have concussive shot.

Rogues have gouge.

These are just some low level examples.

Also, since you are the second line of defense, if the tank makes a error and doesn't correct it right away, protect your healer! Use some of the abilities listed above or if your a higher level, misdirect or even trap something going after your healer. Fear it (if your glyphed only). Maybe even blind it.  The point is you have wonderful abilities that allow you to be a hero.

Which brings me to your crowd control abilities period. Learn them, love them, use them.

It's list time.

Hunters- Ice trap. Even more useful and easy to easy to use with trap launcher!

Rouges- Sap. Only able to be used outside of combat. Make sure you do this before the pull and feel free to use Distract if you feel iffy about the situation.

Druid- You have several tricks up your sleeves depending on the situation. Hibernate can be your best friend against beasts and dragonkin.  While other times entangling roots may be useful for melee mobs.

Shamans- Hex. Makes things into a cute lil helpless froggy.

Mages- Polymorph. This has many different varieties. So many I can't choose a favorite form.

Paladin- Repentance.  Only for ret paladins but still very useful.

Priests- Like druids priests have a few tricks depending on the situation. If going against undead shackle undead is fabulous. Now if your glyphed and only if you are, you can use psychic scream and cackle as your enemies tremble before you.

Warlocks- Even more tricks. Fear (AGAIN if glyphed), seduce ( a succubus ability) and banish. All dependent on the situation.

Warriors- Yea... your out of luck with cc.

Deathknights- You too buddy.

One more helpful thing. Make sure you have a target of target macro. I believe the stock keybind is F. I could be wrong. Please correct me if I am.

Now onto healers.

Like dps, please don't pull for the tank. Just because your bored doesn't mean you have to ruin their groove and stress them out.

Watch healing aggro. Yes I know it's usual business to hot up the tank if your a druid and a good tank will have no problem with it, but not everyone is prepared for everything to run by them wanting to eat you.

Now, if your on a stock computer with no fancy button mouse or.. god forbid.. on a laptop using a track pad like me mouse over macros are your friends. (Yes that's how I play. I AM FREAKING PRO!)

World of matticus wrote a nice post on mouse over macros. It's where I first found mine.

PERSONALLY, I use the /cast [target=mouseover] name of spell here macro. Super simple right?
It allows me to watch, say the bosses health or cast bars while healing.

Get a healing addon. I use VuhDo which pretty much comes out of the box ready to go but is very versatile. You could also use Grid or Clique. Try several ones out and see what you personally like better.

My next tip. DON'T play like my husband. ( He is the one who said this and promptly gave me a /rude when I said I was going to use it.)

Most of the things you find on the ground is not your friend, but he thinks they are.





There are few things you actually want to stand in. Like a druids evanescence or a priests circle of sparkly.

Last but not least. The best tip of all. For the love of the earth mother.....


Friday, July 13, 2012

The World of Warcraft is not real and my name is not Ivyhoof.

It's Falon.

After being moved by Battle Chicken's post from a personal understanding of what she has went through, I decided I would take her july challenge and make a personal post about myself.
The real life character behind the druid.
So some of you may know and some of you may not, I take LOTS of medications.  Medications for bi-polar and anxiety disorder, PLUS sleeping issues.

Now back in last October, my husband and I were on shaky ground. He was in Germany at the time and I was stuck in Japan. I discovered some other things and went into a fast spiral down into a pit where I staid for a long time.  Nothing in real life mattered to me. Not eating, sleeping, my family, nothing.  I lost myself in wow. That's where my friends were and when they were on was the only time I laughed. Why they were better then my real life friends I'll never understand.

I ignored my health.

My hygiene.  Shower? Whats that? Pfttt, brush my teeth.

My pets. I NEVER took them outside. As a result they used the house as their personal potty grounds.
Yes it was gross but every time I stepped outside of my room and saw it I cried and went back to the safety of my computer.

About a month of this and being on suicide watch I woke up one morning and went, "What the hell am I doing?"

I knew better then this.

I called my doctor and went on some medications, called my friends for help with my wrecked home and started trying to piece everything back together.

I made them swear to drag me outside even if I hissed when they called or came by.

My husband came home and we started working on things, slowly. When he heard what happened he paniced a bit and was really worried but I wouldn't talk to him then.   Things are getting better in that department.

Here's us a few months after my ordeal.

WoW is still a huge part of my life. I'm a horribly bored stay at home wife who just cooks and cleans and plays a video game.  

All my friends are else where in the country, hell the world, so the only way to talk to them without phone bills is WoW.  Only made 2 friends while here. 

One I geek out in D & D with.

The other...... tries to "make me into a girl."
How she makes me feel sometimes.

Without having a car it's hard to get out there and make new friends. 

It's hard having something out of the house to do.

So for now... my husband my friends (no matter where you are) and wow are my life.

Still working on balancing stuff but the good thing is that I AM trying to work on it.

I'm trying to find cheap hobbies to occupy me, but those are few and far between.

Back in Misawa, snowboarding was huge for me. Until I developed some irrational fear of hurting myself.  

See. No fear here.

I'll force myself back on my board or my skis this winter.

I also enjoy putting together gundams. Though I'll have to use the powers of the internet to get them now.

My first and only one. I got started late.
You wouldn't believe it by looking at it but one small part has about 12 other small parts in it. 0.o

We should be getting a car soon and hopefully I can find a job to sustain a new hobby.

Thats about it for now. If you guys have ideas for hobbies please feel free to post in the comments. I'm up for trying anything!

Till next time, good hunting!

Friday, July 6, 2012

What to do?

So at the moment I'm at even greater odds with myself. I was going to level Ivy to be a tank in MoP, but now I'm concerned I may not have a spot in my guild to tank. I was going to move my priest over to my new server and am now unsure if I should level her first and be a healer for the expansion instead.  Then again, I could always play as a dps on Ivy. Though self observance here, I am a terrible dps. A guildie of mine will argue that but what I think holds higher over my head.

 So tonight I'm hunting down my guild leader and having a lengthy discussion with her over what I should go as. I REALLY want to raid in MoP. I just have to figure out my place.
                  Which at the moment is on my nest, thinking hard about the current situation.
                                             (yes, this is where all my druids come from)

Let's see some pro's and cons of each role I could go as.



1. I get to play my favorite role in the game
2. I get to make jokes about people hiding behind my huge fuzzy butt.
3. Tea bagging the dead without having to change forms.
4.Getting to be the most awesome tanking class because come on, who can be more awesome then someone blocking with their head and paws?


1. It can be very stressful.
2. If you miss a day, god forbid, you may have just held up 9-24 other people.
3. It will be difficult to get a raid spot possibly.
4."L2P noob. Keep up with my T13 heroic mage you new 85 tank!"



1. Not as stressful as tanking can be.
2. Playing wackamole can be fun at times.
3. I enjoy having peoples lives in my hands.
4. Seeing half green health bars while dpsing or tanking gives me a itchy trigger finger.


1. I haven't healed in a serious sense on a druid for so long. I will have lots of relearning to do.
2. I'll have to glyph to get my permatree form back so I can hear STACK ON THE TREE!
3. "Heal me noob!"



1. Not as stressful as healing or tanking.
2. Come on, pew pewing is always fun.
3. If I miss a day (which I RARELY do) the raid isn't filling in a dependent spot.


1. Besides trying to get the best numbers while doing a lil jig are there actually con's to dpsing?

Big thanks to Kittykat of the Wolf pack for some ideas.

So lets see your ideas on pro's and con's of each role. Let me hear from ya!

Edit: after speaking with my GM I was told "to play what makes you happy and we'll find a spot."
I'm so lucky to have found a guild like this since I lost my beloved Mischief Makers to the timezone boss.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Drama, Drama, Drama. Why is it always Drama?

So I got adopted to wow marketeer which I love but I'm having a hard time getting the inititive to be creative and write about wow only things. It's hard to be interesting and creative sometimes. There have been issues with the site though do to some things, so I have learned something new.

If you're a gold maker, walk on egg shells around other gold makers.  God knows what could go wrong if their fans even REMOTELY think something. I don't know, maybe your website could get hacked. Repeatedly. Even if you did nothing wrong.  Which leads me to a understanding I should have known long ago. Since it applies to me as well. >.>


Yes I'm crazy too but not the crazy "you scuffed my shoes now I'mma do bad things to your dog, your house, your yard, your life."   I'm more of the.... I don't even know how to describe my type of crazy. I'm sure if you got a hold of some of my ex guildies they could tell you. Why yesterday during pvp with a few of my new guildies they got to jot down a new saying on their board of things I didn't think I would hear today.  "NO YOU CANNOT TONGUE PUNCH MY FART BOX!"  Yea.. they had a moment of silence for me after the laughter.

Any who, enough of that and lets get to the updates in life and wow.

So yes... back in the states again.  I forgot how much it sucks in it's own ways. (compared to japan which is like paradise for me now)  I can't find a job to save my life here in Arizona. We can't live on base yet because they had no housing for us. Bills out the yingyang and barely scraping by.  A fellow military member back in japan said this to me, "Welcome to how the civilians of the US all feel right now."  Yes... it's good to be back.

Another thing, people here are rude, inconsiderate, and just plain obnoxious. I was so spoiled by japans ways that as soon as I stepped off the plane in Seattle I wanted to get right back on.  Forget asking someone for help. Most of the time you'll get some snide answer or they just can't bother giving you maybe 5 mins of their life.  Now not all people are like this, I'm not judging the us as a whole, but good god if I just have the best luck at finding the A-holes.

I feel like I'm ranting so lets step into the gaming world.


Thank you "The Wolf Pack" for bringing me and my husband in.  I have people to play with again, chat with and prep for MoP.  The husband however decided he liked his main as a worgen and decided to move his lvl 75 goblin rogue instead with a promise to get it to 85 before MoP.  I am super happy that Ivy is once again a beautiful tauren and I'm ready to go.

The plan is to be kitty for leveling, watch the other tanks in dungeons to learn the fights, then switch to bear at lvl 90. The question is should I be bear/kitty (keeping two different sets of feral gear is a pain. been there, done that), bear/ boom, or bear/ resto?  I'm not the greatest dps and I'm a decent healer and I'm torn between whats more usefull.  So.. I'll let you guys help me decide.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Into the world

So a big thanks to Aunaka for giving me a chance and something to strive for. They have given me the opportunity to write a guest post on their blog. Now, I agonized over what to write about while rafing with my husband and later while attempting heroic Ultra with my guild.  It may have been the reason my mind was gone and caused me to attempt to tank it twice in my resto gear before I noticed. I got countless suggestions from friends on what to write about and as my anxiety over it grew I had a epiphany. You'll have to wait for the post to come out to find out what it was though. I guarantee it will be worth the read and just might strike home with some of you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

While rafing with my husband last night I had a brilliant idea born out of boredom.

                                Play in first person mode with my ui turned off.
                                                      It was pretty trippy for me.

 In the beginning flags were carried, defended, returned, danced on and lost.  This was what Ivy was born into. Much has changed since those first thrilling times together. Even as a druid her forms have changed many times. Her goals and past times have changed. She is no longer the alliance slaying cloven hoofed beauty she once was.

Today, she is a proud, sleek worgen. She morphed into a raider, a healer then a tank.  Her raiding guild died out and she moved to more relaxed pastures, her brother Rauk surpassing her in the raiding world.

Right now she flirts with LFR and the weekly alt run as a kitty.  Farms random things when bored or plays the auction house as her alter ego which at the moment will remain nameless.  In MoP Ivy will again rise to her former front line status and taking hits to the face will be her priority again.

This is a new beginning for her and for me so let's take that first ginger step forward.

Hello and Salutations everyone. My name is Ivy4Life and you are now stepping into my world.  I'm a military wife living in Japan at the moment with a husband who has the incredible job of working on F16 engines.  I have lot's of time on my hands so I thought between my raiding, playing the auction house and wifely duties, why not start a blog?  Share my adventures in game and in real life. This is just my introduction. Future posts will be information to help YOU play the AH like me, introduce you to the slew of alts I have and possibly show off mogs I have created.   In the future I may offer my help in creating sets to give me something extra to do.    As I figure out exactly how to use what is available here to me, more options for readers will open up. You can also follow me on Twitter. Stay tuned and I promise to fill your day with information, humor and maybe a few extra gold in your pocket.