Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's the little things....

....that make you want to rip your hair out.

So pretty much a non wow post so BE WARNED!

Our TMO came in today.


I should have felt like this.....

BUT INSTEAD....I felt like this.

Happy rainbow version for people with weak stomachs.

It should be a happy time, but because I'm me feeling bad for..get this... making them do their job, I opted to unpack everything myself. Also because I felt if they did it I would be lost in my own house and not know where a single thing was.

ANYWHO, they left and know my husband and I are swimming in what seems to be the hell of unending boxes.

Save me. Save me now. 

Plus there is stuff that I know is here somewhere that I want so bad.

For instance. The keyboard for my IMac. (It was the first thing I eyed up coming off the truck. Couldn't not use it.) Here I am making tons of noise and fumbling on this pc keyboard and I know my lovely true keyboard is somewhere.... mocking me.

Times infinity
Add that to the swarp of eternal boxes, the fact that we're eating cereal till pay day, personal issues within guild and the stress of OMG GET TO 90 NOW and... yea. i can't post enough pictures of my blowing my rainbow brains out. *sigh*

Well, back to the boxes.

pss- when I'm all done with this hell I'll get on my laptop and post the picture I was promising. It's coming. I swear!

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