Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little bit o'update, a little bit of rage and a little bit o'rambling.

Things everywhere and everything is just pressure, pressure, pressure and just seem out of control.
I did a naughty thing that didn't help matters either. I ran out of meds and just... didn't get any more.


I don't really know or understand why I didn't either. My brain always came up with some invisable excuse not to. I got way over stressed and was horribly irritable. (Though I swear my anxiety meds to jack.)  How my husband put up with me I have no idea, but I love him for it.  I handed over the reins of finance and everything else to my husband because I just couldn't take it anymore. 

He fails at it.
(I was looking for a demotivation pic that reads 1 + 1 = DERP to tease him but i failed and couldn't be asked to make one myself)

Somehow I regained my sense and went to the pharmacy to get my meds. Two weeks back on track now after a month and a half off. ROLLER COASTER ZONE that was.

Anywho, I'm good now and we are in the middle of moving into a new house on base. Most of our bill problems will now go away and we will be able to relax and having breathing room.  Our bills are halved. *Thanks the deity who's existence she doubts* <if you get that reference +100 internets to you.


So I called our landlord peoples and gave them the 30 day notice they asked for when we signed the lease. We're mid move and my husband decides we should go in and talk to them. They NOW say it had to be in writing. Keep in mind this is the first time either of us have EVER had our own house off base. We were very naive. They never mentioned to me on the phone either that it had to be in writing, otherwise I would have been in their office that day.  Since it wasn't in writing guess who has to pay ANOTHER months rent for a house we're not even going to be in.  That already had me riled up.
NEXT they gave us a list of everything that needed to be cleaned before we're out and how much they will charge if it's not done/not to their standards. Pissing me off some more. THEN she told us the carpets had to be professionally cleaned. My husband had already cleaned the carpets himself and he USED to be a professional at it. They didn't need it but by god did they look better then when we got there. But no, we still have to pay a company or the agent people to get it done. By this time I'm red hot with anger but I sat there and let him take the beating. I should have opened my mouth, I should have turned off the switch to my filter, I should have caused a scene in front of the other residents, but I kept it quiet for the sake of my husband and his job. Boy did I chain smoke and rage in the car though as he stayed quiet before finally laughing at me and angering me more. He loves to troll me and push buttons.
You're right if you think I didn't let it go. I did the only sad pathetic thing I could do. Post on the base facebook. BUYER BEWARE!

So not only this, but our internet at our new house is shoddy, having many a technical issue with our electronics and a run around with blizzard I'm not going to go into because they FINALLY helped me. After two days and 4 hours worth of time on the phone.

Now that's out of my system. Lets chat about mop.

I got one of my druids to 90 and toyed around on Beta and yes, I leveled guardian.

Many people would scoff at this. Some tried it and hated it. I loved it though. It wasn't terribly slow and I completely enjoyed being able to round up a bunch of mops and cackle at them as they tickled me. 

Dependent on what quest it was, it was also nice to be able to stealth passed everything just to pop out as bear and go OH HAI to whatever boss I had to fight. Yes that tickled me.

Plus when quest boredom snuck up (which it does often for me. I HATE questing.) I could just q up for a dungeon and rock it out.

And personally I think the new dungeons are awesome fun. Except for the damn barrels breaking my shapeshift. ';..;' 

I WAS working on my plan for my gearing strat for pre heroics and pre raid but my computer decided it didn't like it and I lost everything.  Frustrated and demotivated I won't be working on it again. I'm just going to wing it. THATS RIGHT FLYING FREE BABY!

Since I've gotten everything out of my system and don't feel like such a loser with no new posts anymore I'll be on my way.

(side thought. one day I'll explain why my blog is called kaw kaw get in the bag. heads up, it's a inside joke with a best friend)


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