Friday, July 6, 2012

What to do?

So at the moment I'm at even greater odds with myself. I was going to level Ivy to be a tank in MoP, but now I'm concerned I may not have a spot in my guild to tank. I was going to move my priest over to my new server and am now unsure if I should level her first and be a healer for the expansion instead.  Then again, I could always play as a dps on Ivy. Though self observance here, I am a terrible dps. A guildie of mine will argue that but what I think holds higher over my head.

 So tonight I'm hunting down my guild leader and having a lengthy discussion with her over what I should go as. I REALLY want to raid in MoP. I just have to figure out my place.
                  Which at the moment is on my nest, thinking hard about the current situation.
                                             (yes, this is where all my druids come from)

Let's see some pro's and cons of each role I could go as.



1. I get to play my favorite role in the game
2. I get to make jokes about people hiding behind my huge fuzzy butt.
3. Tea bagging the dead without having to change forms.
4.Getting to be the most awesome tanking class because come on, who can be more awesome then someone blocking with their head and paws?


1. It can be very stressful.
2. If you miss a day, god forbid, you may have just held up 9-24 other people.
3. It will be difficult to get a raid spot possibly.
4."L2P noob. Keep up with my T13 heroic mage you new 85 tank!"



1. Not as stressful as tanking can be.
2. Playing wackamole can be fun at times.
3. I enjoy having peoples lives in my hands.
4. Seeing half green health bars while dpsing or tanking gives me a itchy trigger finger.


1. I haven't healed in a serious sense on a druid for so long. I will have lots of relearning to do.
2. I'll have to glyph to get my permatree form back so I can hear STACK ON THE TREE!
3. "Heal me noob!"



1. Not as stressful as healing or tanking.
2. Come on, pew pewing is always fun.
3. If I miss a day (which I RARELY do) the raid isn't filling in a dependent spot.


1. Besides trying to get the best numbers while doing a lil jig are there actually con's to dpsing?

Big thanks to Kittykat of the Wolf pack for some ideas.

So lets see your ideas on pro's and con's of each role. Let me hear from ya!

Edit: after speaking with my GM I was told "to play what makes you happy and we'll find a spot."
I'm so lucky to have found a guild like this since I lost my beloved Mischief Makers to the timezone boss.


  1. Thank you for the interesting article. We decided to feature it in on Group Quest Episode 74 (to be published later this week).

  2. I'm glad you liked it and thank you! ^^