Friday, June 29, 2012

Drama, Drama, Drama. Why is it always Drama?

So I got adopted to wow marketeer which I love but I'm having a hard time getting the inititive to be creative and write about wow only things. It's hard to be interesting and creative sometimes. There have been issues with the site though do to some things, so I have learned something new.

If you're a gold maker, walk on egg shells around other gold makers.  God knows what could go wrong if their fans even REMOTELY think something. I don't know, maybe your website could get hacked. Repeatedly. Even if you did nothing wrong.  Which leads me to a understanding I should have known long ago. Since it applies to me as well. >.>


Yes I'm crazy too but not the crazy "you scuffed my shoes now I'mma do bad things to your dog, your house, your yard, your life."   I'm more of the.... I don't even know how to describe my type of crazy. I'm sure if you got a hold of some of my ex guildies they could tell you. Why yesterday during pvp with a few of my new guildies they got to jot down a new saying on their board of things I didn't think I would hear today.  "NO YOU CANNOT TONGUE PUNCH MY FART BOX!"  Yea.. they had a moment of silence for me after the laughter.

Any who, enough of that and lets get to the updates in life and wow.

So yes... back in the states again.  I forgot how much it sucks in it's own ways. (compared to japan which is like paradise for me now)  I can't find a job to save my life here in Arizona. We can't live on base yet because they had no housing for us. Bills out the yingyang and barely scraping by.  A fellow military member back in japan said this to me, "Welcome to how the civilians of the US all feel right now."  Yes... it's good to be back.

Another thing, people here are rude, inconsiderate, and just plain obnoxious. I was so spoiled by japans ways that as soon as I stepped off the plane in Seattle I wanted to get right back on.  Forget asking someone for help. Most of the time you'll get some snide answer or they just can't bother giving you maybe 5 mins of their life.  Now not all people are like this, I'm not judging the us as a whole, but good god if I just have the best luck at finding the A-holes.

I feel like I'm ranting so lets step into the gaming world.


Thank you "The Wolf Pack" for bringing me and my husband in.  I have people to play with again, chat with and prep for MoP.  The husband however decided he liked his main as a worgen and decided to move his lvl 75 goblin rogue instead with a promise to get it to 85 before MoP.  I am super happy that Ivy is once again a beautiful tauren and I'm ready to go.

The plan is to be kitty for leveling, watch the other tanks in dungeons to learn the fights, then switch to bear at lvl 90. The question is should I be bear/kitty (keeping two different sets of feral gear is a pain. been there, done that), bear/ boom, or bear/ resto?  I'm not the greatest dps and I'm a decent healer and I'm torn between whats more usefull.  So.. I'll let you guys help me decide.


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  1. I lol'd at:

    "If you're a gold maker, walk on egg shells around other gold makers."

    It's very true, it seems some are out there just to kill others. Thanks to you and your family for helping serve our country! And yes, I mean not only the one that's enlisted, as you endure your own hardships too!

    Look forward to reading more posts!